Organic EO Anti-Aging Divine Face Blend - Dry to Normal

Organic Anti-Aging EO BLEND Normal

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Organic Essential Oil Face Blend Formulated for Dry to Normal Skin. Helps Reduce Wrinkles & Sun Damage. 1 oz. 

Aroma For Health natural anti-aging face cream

Women, Teens, Surfers and Men all need this Blend to create a naturally hydrating face cream to help reduce and prevent wrinkles and sun damage. 
Take our Essential Oil Face Blend on your vacation and come back looking younger and more vibrant with an aromatherapy skin care product you will continue to use daily. Add one or two drops to the daily amount of your favorite face cream, and apply to face, neck and cleavage area 1 to 2 times daily. No need to buy several different products. This essential oil Blend makes any face cream an anti-wrinkle favorite.
aroma for health natural anti-aging divine face creamIngredients: 4% Organic and Wild Crafted Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Rose for beauty, scent, and cell rejuvenation; Lavender to help reduce wrinkles, scarring, and as a very gentle cell rejuvenator; Chamomile to reduce inflammation and puffiness; Petigrain to regenerate new cells; Rose Geranium to balance oil gland production; and Frankincense and Myrrh ancient beauty treatments; Release Flower Essences are added to the formula so the stress of your day doesn't show on your face; and Pretty Face Flower Essences to help you see your own timeless Beauty!
Our Divine Beauty Face Blends mixted into your favorite face cream are best applied to moist skin after shower or bath, and after using pH balancing organic facial Toners.
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