MultiPure AquaShower Filter

MultiPure Shower Filter

Price $60.00

Provides dechlorinized water in your shower. Connects quickly and easily with most existing shower heads & hand held shower kits. Solves winter and chlorine dry skin problems. Extra replacement cartridge and installation manual included. One year warranty.

MultiPure AquaMini Water Filter
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"I'm so happy! I installed the AquaShower filter yesterday AND my AquaSplash ball arrived yesterday. I used it last night AND MY DRY SKIN IS 75% BETTER TODAY!!  That is so amazing.  Hard chlorinated water and I just don't get along.  I moved to Denver and immediate skin itchiness and rash. And in one day, all that is gone." Susie, Retired Yoga Instructor

 1-Year Warranty on Filter Housing and Attached Showerhead 

Multipure AquaShower connects quickly and easily with most existing shower heads and hand held shower kits. Provides all the health benefits of Multipure dechlorinized water in your shower.

Installation M anual and extra replacement cartridge included. 


  • Crystalline Quartz technology. Specialty cured crystals act upon the water to create a softer, energy-enhanced shower. 
  • Used with the best flow-reduction shower heads for optimal water delivery, you will save water and energy costs and enjoy the best shower experience possible.
  • The Aquashower Filter is designed to provide long lasting performance for a variety of water conditions.


Wonder Washer - Multipure AquaShower uses the unique and exclusive Wonder Washer. The Wonder Washer replaces the sediment screen. This eliminates the need for Teflon or plumbers tape for a leak free seal. It also solves the problem of thin-walled shower arms cutting into a flat rubber washer allowing the washer to collapse and be drawn into the shower arm or pipe itself, causing a leak. The unique brass insert stabilizes the beveled washer making it impossible to collapse. We consider this a quality feature for our quality shower filter product.

Replacement Filter $27.00

Deluxe Nozzle shown below is an additional $25.00 




Multipure Independent Distributor: ID #246499

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