Deep Grace Natural Perfume Oil

DEEP GRACE Perfume Oil

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Amber and Patchouli make a lovely and enchanting soft Aphrodisiac for year around day and night wear.

Deep Grace natural perfume oil with essential oils and attars of amber and deep aged patchouli with flower essences.A Vanilla soft musk perfume. Amber and our deep aged Patchouli create a soft and sensual Aphrodisiac with a depth of heart that keeps you grounded all day and night.

Deep Grace natural aphrodisiac perfume oil with patchouli and amber essential oils and attars with flower essences.A favorite of Patchouli lovers and Festival attendees! You will wear this natural perfume oil all year long. Blended by our Patchouli enthusiasts. 

Ingredients: Wildcrafted Essential Oils and Attars of Patchouli, Vanilla, and Amber, with Flower Essences.

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